Psalm 26:7--That I may publish with the voice of thanksgiving, and tell of all thy wondrous works.

Sunday, March 4, 2012

The Rough-Hewn Field

The Rough-Hewn Field

He scraped across the rough-hewn field.
Face-to-face the battle reeled
against his flesh and struck him hard
with every spike and sharpened shard.
A hand not his had placed him here
to fight the field with fiery fear.
The same hand made what he tried to cross,
the cause of such great pain and loss.
Each hook dug in to claim his skin,
to claim his head, to claim the win.
But on and on he persevered,
the destined end so far, so near.
He did not run. He did not swerve.
He knew they toward his purpose served.
He knew the hand of ease frames few,
and so the maker did know too.

At last his head with fire did leap.
The match was struck—fulfilled, complete.


  1. i have my thoughts on it... care to elaborate though?

    1. The match is symbolic of us as Christians. We have to go through trials (the rough surface) in order to strengthen us and make us who God wants us to be. God designs these trials and ordeals in our lives and places us in them for a reason; we must not back down but face them with God's boldness and faith so we can come out on the other side complete and in God's will.