Psalm 26:7--That I may publish with the voice of thanksgiving, and tell of all thy wondrous works.

Monday, December 24, 2012

Christmas Wonder

Christmas Wonder

Who is this who’s laid to rest
inside the inn’s dank stable stalls,
sung unto without request
by hosts from Heaven’s highest halls?
What is this we see on high?
Even stars declare his birth?
What is found where he does lie
that gives to him such noble worth?
When did he accomplish feats
worthy of such adoration,
that kings would see occasion meet
to humble be in celebration?
From whence come these angels bright
and men unto his stable stall,
to tell his birth with glory’s light
and prostrate in his presence fall?
Why this grand and glorious show,
why this joyful song and strain,
especially for one so low,
born with only given name?

This is Christ the Lord of all,
King of glory come to earth,
laid in lowly stable stall,
Deity in human birth.
His birth announced by star and sky
as His creation blessing brings,
for He Who in the manger lies
created all created things.
Alpha Omega in the flesh,
Ancient of Days as baby boy,
eternity and time did mesh
as God His wonders did employ.
His angels came from ‘round His throne,
and their songs they still rehearse.
These men have come from Adam’s own
to be freed from sin’s dark curse.
These messengers have come to tell
of God’s humiliation,
for Jesus is Immanuel—
cause for jubilation!

And how this wonder-work was shod
one cannot rightly fathom,
for between the states of man and God
lies infinite a chasm.
Only God could accomplish such
and gladly leave His throne on high;
only God could love so much
that He for sinful man would die.

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