Psalm 26:7--That I may publish with the voice of thanksgiving, and tell of all thy wondrous works.

Monday, July 2, 2012

A Citizen's Cry to Country

A Citizen’s Cry to Country

In the midst of a country great I stand,
gazing out across the land,
where once from sea to shining sea
our hearts were moved by God’s decree,
where valor fought for home and love
and trusted all to Him above,
where once the family built its home
upon the Word of God alone,
where churches preached the crimson tide
that flows from Jesus’ humbled side,
where faith was strong and love was grand,
which prospered great this noble land.

Now from coast to crippled coast
every heart to sin is host.
Now for gain and greed we fight,
not to show our love or light.
Now the houses weakly stand
upon the mounds of shifting sand.
Now the church is compromised
by culture’s deep, destructive tide.
Now where faith and love were brave
there only lie forgotten graves.
Now I see a growing rift,
as I stand at the edge of a crumbling cliff.

But hope still lives through pain and loss!
So who will bravely bear their cross?
Who will travel throughout the land
and tell of God’s salvation plan?
Who with faith will carry forward
the blood-stained banner of the Lord?
Who will take the family’s need
and turn it unto Joshua’s creed?
Who will rouse the sleeping church
and make the cross its stalwart perch?
Let me, as Isaiah cried,
bow to God, say, “Here am I.”

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